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Another week

03/03/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
Why is it important for me to keep track of time ? I'm not really sure. I look back and simply can't imagine what I did all this past week. That's annoying.

Sunday I was up in the Treehouse for a day because the computer had quit. Millicent had been over on that saturday. Now I've got Monday through today to account for. I know that on Friday Jim was sick and I played with Mike Demonte at Jack's. That was fun.

I also discovered the joys of single malt scotch's this week. First tried a KNockando on Tuesday or Wednesday -- and then a Auchentoshan later on in the week. Very yummy.

A big snowstorm was due in on Thursday -- the day I was supposed to go to the office and have the website picture taken and then travel with Ed P. to Atlantic City. Ed's father canceled due to the snow so we ended up drinking at a little irish smoke hole and then listening to music at Ed's. His house is so cold. It's hard for me to sit there listening to music in the dark.

I guess it all floods back to me now. Poured like the devil this weekend and washed away most of the snow. Today it's frightfully cold, but it looks like we're done with winter: up to 50's next week in the forecast. We did get alot of snow, but it really seems to have gone so quickly. It IS March though.

The job search begins in earnest. Or the restaurant search. Or SOMETHING.

I vacuumed today !

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Comment from: Ed [Visitor]
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03/12/03 @ 22:26
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