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Changing the set point

05/12/06 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General

The latest buzz is about a new diet, although it's not really a diet. At first blush it doesn't make much sense to me at all, but that's first blush.

This is all based upon the work of Seth Roberts, professor at Berkeley University.


The theory is that there's set point that determines how much weight a person maintains. Drop below that set point, and you are hungry.

Roberts makes two assumptions:

1) The set point is increased by the body relating calorie ingestion to taste.
2) The set point decreases naturally over time, with the rate of decrease proportional to how high it is.

So, the theory goes, if you ingest calories that aren't related to taste (eat bland, flavorless food), then your set point will decrease, and you'll lose your appetite.

And here's where I get confused: apparently you can do this with just SOME of the food you eat. So, a few times a day, within a block of two hours where you eat NOTHING else except water, you ingest either extra-light olive oil, or sweetened (fructose, or glucose) water at the 1 hour mark.

And that's what I'm going to try.

This is day 3.

I don't remember day one, but day 2 (yesterday) consisted of the following:

1) 1 soft pretzel (200Kcal)

2) 1 orange (65Kcal)
3) 1 8 oz piece of baked salmon (350Kcal)

4) 1 beer (146Kcal)
5) 1 glass red wine (75Kcal)

So, about 836 Kcal for the day. I'll lose weight at that rate.

Today, so far it's been:

1) 2 oranges (130Kcal)

2) 3 mini peppermint patties (100Kcal)
3) 1 8 oz piece of salmon (350Kcal)

4) 6 oz duck (400Kcal)
5) 4 oz rice (100Kcal)

6) 3 glasses red wind (3x 75Kcal = 225Kcal)
7) 1/2 dessert: tiramisu (guess: 300Kcal)

Total 1605 Kcal

So today was shot to hell by the dinner at Rembrandt's. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Here's a great resource for figuring out the calorie content of any food stuff:



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