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Cheap Thrill

01/17/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
I'm not normally the kind of person to hawk one product or another, but there's one that is simply incredible. And there are two reasons that it's great: 1) I get an incredible service that is intuitve, and smart, and works and 2) I get to tell Verizon to go away completely!

What is it ? It's the Vonage internet phone service. You order service from them, and they send you this little box. You plug one end into your internet connection (DSL, or cable) and the end you plug in your standard telephone. That's it!

What are the advantages ? Well, you have phone service in ANY area code you want. You've got free caller ID, free *69, free 3-way calling, free local (unlimited), free regional (unlimited) and free Long Distance (depends upon your plan: 40 bux / month gets you unlimited) .

What's more, you can take this little box with you to work, to your vacation house, wherever there's broadband, and your telephone number follows you! When it's unplugged, the service automatically fowards calls to a 3rd number. I have it forwarded to my cell number.

What's the best part about it? I can't tell if it's the cheap service, or it's the experience of calling up Verizon and CANCELLING all 5 telephone lines I had with them -- both are equally enjoyable!


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Comment from: Geekatlrg [Visitor]
Vonage is a great product i have been useing it for months'

Vonage is a excellent service it has saved me a bundle in long distant
charges and works well you might want to check out the vonage
forum and FAQ

Vonage Forum

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