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Flour Hours

01/10/04 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
Terri Gross interviewed Earl Scruggs yesterday. He turned 80 on Tuesday. It strikes me that he's only two years older than my father, but for some reason, he seems ancient. I'm sure it as to do with the fact that he's legendary -- been hearing about Flatt and Scruggs ever since I was old enough to start paying attention to music. My high school chum Arnie was responsible for getting me involved in so many musical interests: where was he introduced to this?

Scruggs talked about his start on a radio show sponsored by Martha White flour. The Martha White Flour hour. He sang the jingle, explaining some of the lyrics: self rising flour meant that some baking soda was added into the flour. Scruggs then said, " but you'd know that, being a woman" , which caused Terri (and me) to laugh quite a bit, the amusement being on a few different levels.

I got to thinking about the King Biscuit Flour Hour. All this time, since the fare of the King Biscuit Flour Hour was rock and roll, I assumed that the flour was flower. It wasn't until seeing the movie O Brother, Where Art Thou with the Pappy O'Daniel flour hour and then hearing about Martha White that I got to thinking about King Biscuit.

And sure enough, King Biscuit Time is still out there. There's the magazine, the blues show, as well as the entertainment group responsible for the Flour Hour. It all started in 1941 when King Biscuit agreed to sponsor a 15 minute blues show.


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