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Now this is good and scary

01/12/04 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
It's the same story over and over again. Justification for death squads in Central America, justification for arms to right-wing insurgents via Iran-Contra. Justification for break-ins at Watergate, and now THIS. If for a second you don't think that this administration is up to the same old horrible tricks, then click and read.

It's horrifying. In short, the Americans, having found someone who was on a terrorist watch list (of some dubious origins itself) decided that they needed more information out of this fellow. He was shipped off to Syria where he was tortured for months. Why? Because Americans don't do that sort of thing. And Americans in general don't do that sort of thing. Unless, that is, they are the frenzied, secretive, underworld thugs employed by this xenophobic Republican Administration and really don't care about silly things like human rights.

Perhaps xenophobic is a little harsh. If you look like one of them, your chances of having this happen to you are reduced. (for now).

Let's get a little perspective about this fellow. He was 1) A Candadian Citizen 2) Traveling completely legally -- with passport 3) Making a stop-over in the US to switch planes. 3) Married 4) Employed 5) A parent. No matter -- his Syrian origin and his name on this list were enough to detain him for ten months and torture him.

Yes, we all thought that the days of torture and thuggery and death squads and imprisonment without trial were over with the 70's and the fall of Russia, but this shows that they're baaaaaaaaaack!

I'm shaking my head in disgust over these people and this Administration that allows this.



Comment from: ed [Visitor]

IF true...this is horrible. I did a quick search this morning and it appears the "facts" are a bit muddy. Some interesting data points:

1. He was arrested based in part on info given to the US by the Canadian govt. http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn?pagename=article&node=&contentId=A63365-2003Nov19&notFound=true

2. He was wanted in Syria for draft dodging.

3. Syria is denying the torture.

01/15/04 @ 08:29
Comment from: frank [Visitor]
Let's assume then, that 1) the Canadians DID give him that information 2) he DID draft-doge, 3) Syria DIDN'T torture him.

Now. What the HELL is the US doing sending someone who 1) isn't wanted in US 2) has valid canadian passport to syria where it's known that they DO torture people? What was the US expecting to happen? And lastly, since when does the US routinely send anyone to axis-of-evil countries with no extradition treaties, especially for something as dubious as draft dodging. And if he WAS guilty of draft dodging, why wasn't he charged, and convicted based on that account? Is 10 months the penalty for draft dodging in Syria? Is Canada tracking draft dodgers for Syria? Based on reasonable knowledge of what goes on in Syria, it is simply inexcusable that the US did what it did. It used to be innocent before proven guilty (including persons of Arab descent.
01/16/04 @ 20:55
Comment from: ed [Visitor]

I agree...if the facts are true what happened is horrible.

Most of the sources I've found have contradictory information.

By assuming the US govt is guilty without knowing the facts, you are guilty of which you accuse.

All you have are assumptions you make and hearsay.
01/19/04 @ 08:46
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