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12/30/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
Just sitting about wasting time on the internet up at the Treehouse.

It was a standard day. Get up around 8 -- check email, check website, check chat, read the nytimes about 200 times. It amazes me how i can spend an entire day doing this. Does anything get done?

Last night on WESS, the Sunday Announcer, whose name I forget played a few songs by Wee Bonnie Baker -- what a wonderful singer.

Back to today. Around 10am, it's time for hanging out in the hot tub. Then to a shower, and then to spending the rest of the morning and afternoon at the computer.

Around 2, it's off to the grocery store -- listening to Teri Gross interview Gene Simmons -- what an interview -- the most remarkable thing is that it appears that Teri got way defensive way fast. I remember when she interviewed Hurrican Carter -- and he got testy -- she was incredibly good at deflecting that. Did Gene cut too close to the bone, or did she feel the need to stand up and hand it back to him?

On this, the second listening of this interview, it did appear that she wasn't as testy as the first time I heard her, yet, things get very defensive very quickly.

Home again Home again, Jiggety Jig.

Load the groceries up -- put some stew on the heat -- and keep surfing -- Bob Perkins played "old folks" which, it turns out was written by Willard Robison and sung by Jack Teagarden. Wonderful song. I'm thinking of a recording of it -- by the meltones perhaps ? Not sure. Beautiful Harmonies.

Now it's 7:30 pm. Time maybe to eat -- I was going to buy a video tape over at the local drugstore, but none were for sale that I wanted to watch -- so it'll be Eugen Weber talking about the absolutism of the 17th century -- when Monarchs were absolute and everybody else was not.

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