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02/29/04 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
From Craigslist:

RE: Boobs
Reply to: anon-24423233@craigslist.org
Date: Sat Feb 14 23:35:28 2004

We need more information here in the CL community in order to give you an informed answer. Please consider which context below fits you, and then you may be able to make an informed decision on your own:

Do you want boobs on your own body? If so, have you been through puberty yet? If not, they'll be there soon enough. Be patient. If you HAVE been through puberty, and you have NO boobs at all, you may be a male. To find out, look down at yourself naked. If the parts are dangling, you're a male and aren't supposed to have boobs.

If you are a male and don't want boobs for YOURSELF (i.e. on your body) then you need to meet a woman. Women have boobs and sometimes will allow people to touch them, but not right away. I don't have time to explain all of the nuances necessary, but there are resources on the web, or you can ask your friends in the locker room. A caveat: Not all of the advice you receive will be GOOD advice. The wrong advice may land you in jail.

If you are a woman, and feel your boobs are not big enough, this is a different question altogether. The point is, you DO have boobs, but you are not happy with them. Again, as I said for guys (see above) there are resources on the web and in other places by which can educate yourself. If you DO decide, after studying the relevant material, to enlarge your boobs, you will need to make this decision privately, with your physician and (if you have one) significant other. Then you will have to PAY for them yourself, and NOT ASK FOR handouts on a classifieds board. It's just unseemly.

A last possibility is that you are not referring to anatomical parts, meaning breasts, sometimes called boobs. If you are looking for boobs, as in the slang used to describe a person who is an idiot, please go the White House and ask for the president. He may also be helpful in locating others like himself, thereby getting you more than one boob, as your request was in the plural.

I hope this has been helpful.
Good luck and
Best Regards,
A Concerned Citizen

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