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Richard Clarke on the Bush Agenda

03/24/04 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
Richard Clarke is on Terry Gross right now. He notes how there were three priorities that the Clinton people communicated to the Bush people:

  • Israel and the Palestinians
  • North Korean Nuclear Verification
  • Al Qaeda

All three ended up at the bottom of the priority list in the Bush administration.

He continues to discuss the methods of how the Bush administration processes research and position papers. The ones that didn't agree with the Bush agenda weren't forwarded to the president. He concludes by saying that this was unique to all administrations he has worked for.

He then gives 3 reasons why the country is less safe due to the activities by the Bush administration:
  • 180 billion spent on Iraq is 180 billion not spent on securing America's infrastructure
  • Military and Intelligence assets in use in Afghanistan were diverted for use in Iraq giving Al-Qaeda precious time to hide and redeploy
  • Bin Laden accused America of being the 21st century equivalent of the Christian Crusaders and predicted to the Arab world that the United States would make a power grab by invading an oil-rich middle-eastern country which did not threaten it. And Bush played right into his hands.


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