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Saint-Exupery's airplane found

04/10/04 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
The wreckage of the Lockheed Lightning P-38 flown by Antoine de Saint-Exupery was finally located, resting upon the floor of the Mediterranean Ocean.

Saint-Exupery was a pilot and an author, best known for his work The Little Prince. He wrote it a year before he took off on a reconaissance mission over the Rhone River valley, a mission from which he never returned. The search for his airplane and an explanation of his fate held as much interest as the ongoing search for Amelia Earhart's airplane in the Pacific.

Saint-Exupery had been in several plane crashes, including one in the Andes mountains. My father bought me a copy of Wind, Sand and Stars when I started flying. I remember reading about Saint-Exupery's travels in the Andes and elsewhere. I wonder if I still have a copy of that book.

His book The Little Prince holds the honor of being the 3rd best-selling book in the world. The 1st and 2nd? The bible and Das Kapital by Karl Marx. Who knew?

Another mystery solved. This one took over 50 years.

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