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Sharing HP printers across a network

04/22/06 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek

Another little gotcha from HP: their home printers don't automatically allow themselves to be shared over a network. If you have a printer connected to one computer, and attempt to print to it from another computer, but with a different OS (e.g. 98 printing to XP). It won't work because the computer connected to the printer doesn't have the drivers for the other operating system.

The fix is fairly simple, although unbelievably annoying. Why the hell didn't HP fix this from the git go instead of making me hunt 5 hours for the solution?

The symptom is this: you install the printer on the remote computer, and you find that there are no drivers for it as you go through the install, and even inserting the CD won't install the drivers. You try to "pick from the list of drivers" but your computer is conveniently missing.

What you must do is take the CD and do a FULL install as if the printer were connected to the remote computer. Once that's done, you "install" your remote printer again, choosing some bogus printer from the list (remember, yours isn't there).

After it's installed, you open up the printer properties from the printers window, click on the 'advanced' key, and change the driver to the right one "PSC 1000 series" in this case. If the driver doesn't show up (and mine didn't the first time), delete and retry adding the printer -- at one point I saw files being copied, and all was well.

Here's another website explaining things.


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