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The Trouble with Liberal Talk Radio

05/13/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
By it's nature, you're pitting conservative radio going for simple ideas against what tends to be more complicated and nuanced ideas which don't lend themselves to sound bites shouted by angry radio hosts. Here's an excerpt from an article on it:


The liberal radio audience, then, might be thought of as a mirror of the liberal coalition, Stavitsky said. As both a political movement and a radio demographic, the so-called angry white men of conservatism coalesced around fundamental beliefs and values, including an antipathy toward Bill Clinton and the putatively liberal mainstream media. The liberal coalition, in contrast, contains an unwieldy amalgam of whites and minorities, elites and populists, globalist free traders and labor union protectionists.

The phenomenon of NPR suggests yet another challenge for liberal talk radio -- the aesthetic of the genre. In focus groups conducted by George Bailey, an audience analyst and a professor at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, NPR listeners described commercial talk radio as "sensational," "loud," "argumentative," "angry" and "shallow." Those traits contrasted with their preference for "radio based on civility, on calm, informed, open discourse," as Bailey put it.

One of the arguments raised by those who doubt that left-wing talk radio will ever challenge Limbaugh is that liberals will always, by their nature, be more open-minded, tolerant and nuanced than conservatives -- and that those noble traits are a commercial snooze. According to this line, a red-faced conservative ranting against the evils of liberal do-gooders or evil Muslims has a hot message and a natural constituency of resentful white men; his liberal counterpart, trying to defend federal programs or explain the historic roots of the Mideast conflict, has neither. While this generalization may contain some truth, Malloy's two-fisted, take-no-prisoners show proves that liberals can dish it out entertainingly, too.

Here's a Link to the article


Comment from: Ed [Visitor]
when liberals don't have a fact based argument they name call:that liberals will always, by their nature, be more open-minded, tolerant and nuanced than conservatives
05/15/03 @ 08:32
Comment from: libera [Visitor]
your previous comment proves the point being made.

one need simply to listen to conservative talk radio if there is any doubt
05/15/03 @ 10:46
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