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03/22/04 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek
Richard Clarke has stirred up a bee's nest with his book Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror. In it he recounts how President Bush forced the discussion to Iraq when nobody including the FBI or CIA believed they had anything to do with terrorism. Here's how he sums it up as reported from here.

President Bush failed to adequately grasp the threat of Al Qaeda in the months before the Sept. 11 attacks, then followed up with "an unnecessary and costly war in Iraq that strengthened the fundamentalist, radical Islamic terrorist movement worldwide."

And there's more.

"The White House carefully manipulated public opinion, never quite lied, but gave the very strong impression that Iraq did it," he said, adding: "They did know better. We told them. The C.I.A. told them. The F.B.I. told them. They did know better. And the tragedy here is that Americans went to their death in Iraq thinking that they were avenging Sept. 11, when Iraq had nothing to do with Sept. 11. I think for a commander in chief and a vice president to allow that to happen is unconscionable."

The reason for the stir is that Richard Clarke is considered one of the gang. Hired on in Bush I, he remained through the Clinton years, and then was hired on by Bush II. Not a partisan lightweight, his opinion of the Bush administration has got quite a few people flustered.


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