The Real Civil War in the Democratic Party

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Most members of the Democratic Party establishment are pragmatists who made it where they are by working within the system that exists, not the one they wish existed. They often have frustration bordering on contempt for those who lack their hardheaded realism.

For those outside the centers of power, it’s far easier to disdain the trade-offs inherent in leadership. After all, voters can look at the political establishment and see a whole lot of consultants and lobbyists getting rich (win or lose).


The retreat of western liberalism

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The strongest glue holding liberal democracies together, Luce argues, is economic growth, and when that growth stalls or falls, things tend to take a dark turn. With growing competition for jobs and resources, losers (those he calls the “left-behinds”) seek scapegoats for their woes, and consensus becomes harder to reach as politics devolves into more and more of a zero-sum game.


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One of the best articles on inequality I've read in some time.


  • Depending on how you measure, you come up with radically different sorts.
    • Sort by Wealth - Sweden become less equal than Britain
    • Sort by Income
    • Sort by consumption - Bill Gates has millions but he doesn't eat millions of meals or own millions of cars
  • Assortive Mating:  Modern society favors the intelligent.  Smart people now marry smart people and have smart kids - furthering inequality of innate (and nutured) talent.

DePhazz - Good Boy

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