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Just incredible music.

Jazz for the common man.
Steve Krawitz at jazz4tcm@usnetway.com or (570) 422-3133.

Bill Hopkins The feeling of Jazz.
Numa Snyder

Here are some neat websites:

Thinking about my former friend Nina led me to thinking about Lichentstein, and that led me here:



You Turned the Tables on Me

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Benny Goodman

I used to be the apple of your eye
I had yo with me every day,
But now whenever you are passing by
You're always looking the other way
It's little things like this
That prompt me to say:

You turned the tables on me
And now I'm falling for you;
You turned the tables on me
I can't believe that it's true
I always thought when you brought
The lovely present you bought
Why hadn't you brought me more,
But now if you'd come
I'd welcome anything
From the five and ten cent store,

You used to call me the top
You put me up on a throne
You let me fall with a drop
And now I'm out on my own.
But after thinking it over and over,
I got what was coming to me
Just like the sting of a bee
You turned the tables on me

Apache error

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When you get :

[warn] (128)Network is unreachable: connect to listener


I was getting these on Solaris 8 also. I found something on the web that
mentioned it was trying to use IPv6. I compiled apache with --disable-ipv6
and it seemed to fix it.


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Reading William Gibson's review took me to looking at aeroflot's logo, which took me to a website where it was displayed -- http://www.2001exhibit.org/

And that took me to : http://www.thetech.org/exhibits/online/2001ds/

Victorian Futurist

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Bill Hopkins

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Margo Conner -- Hot Swing Trio -- Jane Monheit and Winton Marsalis
Bill Perkins Rich Camuka -- tenors head on -- Don't be that way
Joe Williams -- Imagination -- vocalist --
Ted Heath Band --

nat cole at the sands
jimmy smith -- 1957 sessions
oscar peterson onita o'day -- you turned the tables on me
Carmen McCrae -- night has a thousand eyes
benny goodman ? mel torme and the meltones --

moonfaced starry eyed -- hilos
john lewis

1955 -- wendell marshall philly joe jones ray bryant -- bryant's folly

Saturday in the Poconos

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Dammit -- writing huge paragraphs only to have them consumed by the computer....

It's a cold crisp blazingly bright day in the poconos. Woke up to one of the coldest days yet. The thermometer was hovering around 3 degrees. I got on my coat and went outside to pry the last few logs of firewood out of the snow. They've been there since I got the load delivered in November. Last year a cord of wood carried me the entire winter with a nice bunch left over. This winter is much colder and I'm already in need of another.

It's very sunny. This house gets much more sun in the winter now that the foliage has disappeared. The sun dips low and blasts into the two glass doors. I suppose winter can be dreary but not here. It's always much much brighter.

I cut down a huge tree two days ago. It should keep me warm at least for the time being.

Jazz for the Common Man

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Bob Florence Limited Edition Was played on WESS Jazz for the common man. It's a modern big band.

Gibson, Pynchon, et al

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Reading a review in the NY Times of William Gibson's latest book, Pattern Recognition led me to a reference on Thomas Pynchon. The Modern Word , and, specifically, this page on Pynchon.

Cheap Thrill

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I'm not normally the kind of person to hawk one product or another, but there's one that is simply incredible. And there are two reasons that it's great: 1) I get an incredible service that is intuitve, and smart, and works and 2) I get to tell Verizon to go away completely!

What is it ? It's the Vonage internet phone service. You order service from them, and they send you this little box. You plug one end into your internet connection (DSL, or cable) and the end you plug in your standard telephone. That's it!

What are the advantages ? Well, you have phone service in ANY area code you want. You've got free caller ID, free *69, free 3-way calling, free local (unlimited), free regional (unlimited) and free Long Distance (depends upon your plan: 40 bux / month gets you unlimited) .

What's more, you can take this little box with you to work, to your vacation house, wherever there's broadband, and your telephone number follows you! When it's unplugged, the service automatically fowards calls to a 3rd number. I have it forwarded to my cell number.

What's the best part about it? I can't tell if it's the cheap service, or it's the experience of calling up Verizon and CANCELLING all 5 telephone lines I had with them -- both are equally enjoyable!

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