configure scripts for sqwebmail

01/16/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek
Interesting -- when you run configure for sqwebmail -- it adds many configuration options itself.

This is the original set.


I tried above and the authdaemond was failing every few hours --

Tried the following based upon a recommendation from the sqwebmail mailing list:

./configure \
--prefix=/export/home/dgraves/sqwebmail \
--with-cachedir=/var/sqwebmail3 \
--enable-imageurl=/webmail3 \
--enable-imagedir=/export/home/dgraves/sqwebmail/htdocs \
--enable-cgibindir=/export/home/dgraves/sqwebmail/cgi-bin \
--with-db=gdbm \
--enable-webpass=vpopmail \
--with-authvchkpw \
--without-authdaemon \
--without-authpam \
--without-authuserdb \
--without-authpwd \
--without-authshadow \
--without-authmysql \
--without-authpgsql \


01/16/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
If you want to draw a nifty picture, then go here:

Ekvin's Paint Program

daughters and jobs

01/15/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Politicks
Craig Patterson, a 45-year-old ironworker in St. Louis worried about dwindling construction jobs, summed it up for USA Today: "I trust Bush with my daughter, but I trust Clinton with my job."

Capital Punishment

01/14/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Politicks
NY Times, Today:

Prosecutors expressed hope that a backlash against Mr. Ryan's action might make juries more likely to impose capital punishment, and that the clean slate would render moot any concerns about people sentenced under an old system.

So let me get this straight: Prosecutors are hoping that some sucker is going to get executed to make up for the ones that got away.

I'm glad they're fighting for truth, justice, and the American way in this fashion.

RSS, Etags, and 304's

01/12/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek
I was having difficulty with my blog (this site) because I kept getting an error stating the absence of a file -- it didn't make any sense. Snooping the connection revealed the webserver handing 'etag' headers back and forth as well as 304 codes when requesting the webpage that was getting the error.

So it turns out that 304 is the response to a condition 'if' request made by a browser -- if the content hasn't been modified, don't send the page, just send a 304. Then the browser looks up the info in its cache. Now - if the cache information contains an error page -- then you can't get past this without clearing out your cache -- which is what i did, and fixed.

Here's information on conditional if's and etags:


01/12/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General

Playing at Jack's

01/11/03 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
Every now and again, performing with the Trailer Park Trio is just such an incredible experience, I can't imagine how anybody would not want to perform music. Last night was one of those nights.

Mike and Paul joined Jim and myself as well.

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