prng not seeded

10/30/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek
On Solaris 8, you have 3 choices
1) run prngd
2) run egd
3) use the builtin function with openssh and openssl < --- need to find out about this -- it has to do with /usr/local/etc/ssh_prng_cmds, but how to configure -- i think i need to compile rather than snarfing from

Ok -- the deal is that if /dev/random doesn't exist, the configure script on openssh will detect this.

So -- if you're running Solaris 8, and you don't want to load prngd or egd, you can't use the openssh package. So, you install openssl via pkg if you want, and then compile openssh.

Fun Dietary Facts

10/29/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
Alcohol is 7 calories per proof per ounce.

10 calories / pound of weight / day = maintenance amount of caloric consumption


10/28/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
April 2002:
TOTAL: 234
LDL: ??
HDL: 59

October 2002:
TOTAL: 214
LDL: 142
HDL: 49

It's the Girl

10/27/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General

It isn't the paddle, it's not the canoe
It isn't the river, or skies that are blue
It isn't the love dreams that bring joy to you
It's the Girl, Oh, It's the Girl
It isn't the brooklet, that you, always wander to
It isn't the mountain, flowers, or the morning dew
It isn't the love nest that brings love to you
It's the girl that makes you happy and
It's the girl that makes you blue
You often doubt them, what a lonely world it'd be without them
It isn't the songbirds, the songs that they sing
It isn't the sunshine that makes you like spring
But what is this magic that makes lovers sing
It's the girl, Oh, It's the girl
Some folks need atmosphere when they're makin' love
They say that mother nature makes love grand
Still lovers will complain that they need the shore
If you're a Romeo, you'll understand
It isn't the paddle, it's not the canoe
It isn't the river, or skies that are blue
It isn't the love dreams that brings joy to you
Wherever you go, whatever you do
It's the Girl!
It isn't the brook-let, that you wander to
It isn't the mountain, the flowers or the morning dew
It isn't the love nest, that brings love to you
It's the girl! It's the girl!
It's not the places you go, It's not the crowd
It's not the folks you know
Oh, listen while I, shout out loud
Ba Da Ba Da Ba Ba-da Ba Ba Da
Ba Da Ba Da Ba Ba-da Ba Ba Da
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba It's the girl!

Hammers and Nails

10/27/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
When the only tool you own is a hammer, all of your problems start to look more and more like nails.

When the only tool you own is an axe, all of your problems start to look like fun.


10/27/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek
Good God they have BAD DOCUMENTATION for cyclades -- just shows to go you -- when the geeks get ahold of things, they can sure bollix it up.

cat /proc/version < -- software version
signal_ras hup < -- check configuration
saveconf and restoreconf < -- to and from flash memory
to boot single: console cable: when loading pauses after "Linus/PPC load..." then type single

reset configuration:
echo 0 > /proc/flash/script

bootconf < -- set up boot parameters

ts_menu -- telnet to a port while in the cyclades

My Dad

10/27/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
It was this Friday that my mom called in the morning to tell me that my father's lump in his neck was a secondary cancer, meaning that there was already a big patch of cancer somewhere else in his system that was growing and spreading itself around.

The thoughts they come a tumblin down after a moment like this. Thinking of what is, what was, and what may soon be. My mom's a wreck, already has him dead and buried. I think of denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance, and wonder how you get through all these feelings.

Things are still very fresh, can't think too much, although i am thinking too much. Emotion runs deep, obviously. How much of that is chemical?

I walked down the street earlier today, and looked at the fall leaves. It reminded me of what one sees each day of one's life. As I wrote this it reminded me of camping in the Smokey Mountains in the fall in the rain with my family. It was a miserable trip -- cold and wet and constant rain, except that I'll never forget walking through the rainy woods -- how is it that that's seared into my memory -- except that the extreme conditions put it there.

My Dad's still doing fine. He feels fine. I don't know if he'll do anything about this cancer. he hates doctors which is ironic considering that he is one himself. That might be the root of his fear: having gone to school with them.

Lazy Bones

10/27/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: General
Long as there is chicken gravy on your rice,
Ev'rything is nice.
Long as there's watermelon on the vine,
Ev'rything is fine.
You got no time to work,
You got no time to play,
Busy doin' nothin' all the live long day.
You won't ever change no matter what I say,
You're just made that way.

Lazybones, Sleepin' in the sun,
How you 'spec' to get your day's work
Sleepin' in the noonday sun.
Lazybones, sleepin' in the shade,
How you 'spec' to get your corn meal
Never get your corn meal made
Sleepin' in the evenin' shade.

When 'taters need sprayin',
I bet you keep prayin'
The bugs fall off the vine
And when you fo fishin'
I bet you keep wishin'
The fish won't grab at your line.

Lazybones, loafin' thru the day,
Now you 'spec' to make a dime that way?
Never make a dime that way
(Well looky here)
He never heard a word I say!


10/25/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek
Step 1: generate a key (
Step 2: generate a CA cert (self signed) (if you want to) (
Step 3: generate a user key (blah.key) (do you need a different key from the ca key?)
Step 4: generate a cert request (blah.csr)
Step 5: edit and use the shell script /usr/local/ssl/bin/ to sign blah.csr with
-- now you've got blah.crt which you reference in your ssl.conf along with your blah.key

program location :

create key pair:
go into directory conf/ssl.key
openssl genrsa -des3 -out ca.key 2048 (lose the -des3 if you don't want to encrypt the private key - and you don't want to encrypt it unless you feel like entering the password each time you start your webserver)

generate self signed CA cert
go into directory conf/ssl.crt
openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -key ca.key -out ca.crt

generate a cert request:
go into conf/ssl.csr
openssl req -new -key user.key -out user.csr

signing your csr with your ca cert
go into conf/ssl.csr
run /usr/local/ssl/bin/
move the resulting crt into conf/ssl.crt

view a cert plainly
openssl x509 -noout -text -in file.crt

view a key plainly
openssl rsa -noout -text -in keyfile

view a csr plainly
openssl req -noout -text -in .csr

more stuffs

10/22/02 | by david2 [mail] | Categories: Geek
/usr/sbin/prtconf and /usr/platform//sbin/prtdiag will show set values.
/usr/platform//sbin/eeprom will show eeprom values

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